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Sue Tan

1991 Bachelor's degree in China University of Political Science and Law

2003 Master's degree in 1UPUI Law School, converted

2003 Called by the Lord at the CCLife Evangelistic Conference at Chicago

2004 Returned to China to preach the gospel and serve in the ministry, and started a "non-divorce lawyer practice" after her conversion.


In recent years, enter the [Peacemaker] ministry, which is dedicated to resolving everyday conflicts with biblical principles.


She believes in : Planting peace and reaping righteousness; If you plant righteousness, you will reap mercy.

1991年 本科毕业于中国政法大学


2003年 硕士就读1UPUI法学院,信主


2003年 生命季刊芝城福音大会,蒙召


2004年 回国传福音并带职侍奉,植堂信主后,开启“不离婚律师业务领域”。




笃信:栽种和平就收割公义; 栽种公义就收割慈爱。

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