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Church Health


Pioneers Church Health Philosophy

A healthy church is a church that is able to focus its positive energy towards the Great Commission work of evangelism and discipleship, without the burden of various church issues impeding its effort or its progress.

Pioneers Ministry aims to help churches embrace healthy church practices by proactively adopting ministry proven tools and methods in an effort to avoid common impediments found in many declining churches. 

Church Health Mission:

Our Church Health mission is to help churches embrace Biblically healthy church principles and practices in order to focus on the Great Commission work of evangelism and discipleship.  

Community Kitchen Garden
Church Health Goals:
  • Raise awareness about decline factors in the local church and how the local church can address them in a God honoring way

  • Encourage the practice of personal ministry alignment and membership unity in all areas of ministry service commitments

  • Provide both personal and team coaching in order to facilitate both alignment and unity issues in various aspects of ministry practices

  • Provide training, counseling, and consulting services as needed to assist the church in its mission and goals.  



In addition to our workshops, Pioneers Ministry is also offering consultation services in areas such as:

  • Life Coaching

  • Church Planting Resources

  • Church Health Assessment 

  • Biblical Counseling

Feel free to reach out to us for for information regarding our consultation services.

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