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Specialization Topics

What are Pioneers Specialization Workshops?

The Pioneers Specialization Workshops focuses on the individual, with topics that aim to help the individual discover themselves, or improve themselves in areas of giftedness, emotional intelligence, and leadership.  

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Giftedness Workshop


The Pioneers Giftedness Workshop aims to help individuals identify their personal giftedness (not spiritual gifts, but giftedness in general, also sometimes referred to as “strengths”).  This coaching workshop uses a technique developed by Bill Hendricks of the Hendricks Center at Dallas Theological Seminary.  The workshop coaching session can be done in a classroom session or on an individual basis.

Purchase of the book by Bill Hendricks is required.  

Target Audience:

  • Those who are seeking direction in life.

  • Those who are constantly frustrated about their life but don't understand why.

*Used by Permission


Personal Ministry Alignment Workshop

The Pioneers Personal Ministry Alignment Workshop is a two-part workshop that aims to help individuals recognize their divine design – how they are made to relate to others (DISC) and how to apply their relational traits to their ministry focus (DISC + Spiritual Gift).  Our ministry is certified to use proven methodologies to teach the concept in a classroom setting, or to coach individuals to discover how God uniquely made them for His ministries.   

Target Audience:

  • Those who are serving in church ministry.

  • Those who are constantly experiencing burnout in ministry.

  • Those who are constantly experiencing conflicts in ministry.


*Certified DISC / SG Coach - Lead Like Jesus Ministries; Uniquely You Ministries

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EQ Workshop

Personalized Emotional Intelligence counselling and coaching session helping the individual develop competencies in applying EQ principles in their daily routines.

Target Audience:

  • Those who are seeking Emotional Intelligence skills.


*Certified EQ-i 2.0 Coach

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Leadership Development Workshop

The Pioneers Leadership Development Workshop is a personalized advanced assessment based approach to help individuals understand their personal leadership and/or management style, with a focus on individual's spirituality and their potential dark side/blindside that impacts how they react to conflict situations.  Purchase of the books by Dale Burke and Aubrey Malphurs are required.

Target Audience:

  • Leaders who find themselves constantly in conflict.

  • Organizations who find that they have high turnover.


*Used by Permission

Need More Information?

If you are interested in or have any questions in regards to these workshops, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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