Pioneers Mobilization Workshop Topics

Church Vision & Strategy

The Pioneers Mobilization Workshops focuses on the leadership team, with topics that aim to help the team develop team-work, team-building, team conflict competencies, and team efficiency.    

Mobilization Workshops and Training

Church Vision and Strategy

Pioneers Vision Workshop is a practical coaching workshop, working with the pastors and leaders of a church, to help “define or refine” the church’s vision, then translate them into practical steps to reach that vision.  Our approach is based loosely on the principles and concepts outlined by Will Mancini and Warren Bird in their published work “God Dreams”* (purchase of the book is required).  

Target Audience:  

  • Pastors + Church / Ministry Leaders

* Used by Permission

Team-ness workshop

Understanding how people misunderstand each other.  This practical interactive workshop uses Biblical DISC(c) methodology to provides an advanced understanding of DISC by using DISC overlaps to understand human interaction and the sources of misunderstandings and conflicts. 

Target Audience:  

  • Teams that have difficulty working together

* Certified DISC Coach - Lead Like Jesus Ministries

Team Building Workshop

This practical interactive workshop merges the church's needs based on its vision and mission, and identifies strategies to recruit "the right people" to meet the needs

Target Audience:

  • Ministry Teams looking for potential blind spots

*Certified Team DISC Coach - Lead Like Jesus Ministries

Team EQ Workshop (EQ-i 360)

For disparate teams interested in developing advanced competencies in teamwork and team communication through EQ principles.  

Pre-requisite:  EQ Workshop (Personalized)

Target Audience:

  • Ministry Teams looking to improve team conflict competencies

*Certified EQ-i 360 Coach

Team Leadership

An advanced practical interactive workshop focusing on how multiple teams work together to accomplish a common vision

Target Audience:

  • Organizations looking to develop competencies in team-based approach to ministry.

*Certified DISC Coach - Lead Like Jesus Ministries

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