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Hwai-Ping (Pearce) Cheng


Brother Cheng was born in Taiwan. He came to the United States in 1990 to study at Pennsylvania State University and was led to the Lord by his American roommate in the same year. Since then, he has met, grown, and served at State College Chinese Alliance Church in Pennsylvania (1990 - 1998), Baptist Church in eastern Taipei Pastoral Heart Church (1998 - 2002), Jackson Chinese Church, Mississippi (2002 - 2007), and Chinese Christian Church in Greater Jackson, Mississippi (2007 - present). He was ordained as an elder of the church in early 2017. He and his wife, Ruth Cheng, have a daughter. Both work at the US Army Engineer Research & Development Center in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

出生於台灣,1990來美國賓州州立大學讀書,亦於同年由美國室友帶領信主。之後陸續在賓州磐石宣道會 (1990 – 1998)、浸信會台北東區牧心堂 (1998 – 2002)、密西西比杰城華人教會 (2002 – 2007)、密西西比杰克遜華人教會 (2007 迄今) 聚會、成長、服事。於2017年初被按立為教會長老。於妻子張靜如育有一女,並同在位於Vicksburg (MS) 的 US Army Engineer Research & Development Center 工作。

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