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We are open to any questions or concerns regarding our ministry and what we're about.

  • Is the Pioneers Conference an evangelical meeting or a revival meeting?
    The Pioneers Conference is more revival than evangelical. But the conference format is more design to expose participants to various ministry opportunities, particularly in missions and church planting. Additionally, workshop topics will be offered taught by instructors who have expertise in various ministry fields.
  • What language will the conference messages be presented in?  Will the messages be interpreted?
    Our keynote message will always be presented in both Mandarin and English. Cantonese interpretation can be offered upon request. The workshop topics will not be interpreted, but may be presented in 2 languages. Since the same set of workshop topics are presented on two different days, if the speaker can present the message in two languages, we will typically ask the speaker to do so. English will be one of the languages. The other will either be Mandarin or Cantonese...depending on the speaker.
  • Who plans the programs for the conference?  Who are the sponsors?
    Each year's conference programs and events are planned and implemented entirely by the volunteers from the local churches in the SWCBA region. The ministry is sponsored by the Southwest Chinese Baptist Association, with support from the Chinese Baptist Fellowship of the United States and Canada, North American Mission Board, International Mission Board, Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, and the Texas Baptist Convention.
  • Is the ministry only for Baptist church members? or can any Christian participate?
    The programs in this ministry is NOT limited to Baptist churches. We welcome everyone to participate.
  • Is the Conference suitable for non-believers?
    The conference itself is designed primarily for Christians. But programs and workshops are available for the seekers who are interested to gain a better understanding of the Christian faith.
  • Do I have to stay at the camp site to participate in the conference programs?
    In order to fully experience the fellowship with other brothers and sisters from other churches during the conference, we strongly recommend staying on site throughout the conference event.
  • Is there a discount for partial participation?
    Unfortunately, since this is an all-inclusive, per-person package with the camp site, we cannot offer any discounts for partial participation since we are responsible for the cost of the whole duration for each individual. If you can only attend part of the conference, you will still be responsible for the cost (per person) of the whole conference
  • Am I allowed to bring pets to the camp site?
    Pets are NOT allowed on the camp site. Sorry!
  • Are alcoholic beverages allowed on the camp site?
    Alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed on the camp site.
  • Are there internet access on the camp site?
    Wi-fi is available in certain areas of the camp site.
  • How do I volunteer?
    To volunteer as a helper or a small group leader during the conference, or to find out more about volunteering opportunities for this ministry, please submit a request from our home page; or email us at

More questions?

Have a question we didn't cover? Feel free to contact us here.

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