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SATURDAY, MAY 27, 2023

Scripture: 2 Kings 5:1-19

關聯主題: 福音的純全
Relevant Theme: Purity of Gospel

Background Probe

1. 乃縵是誰?他是哪國人?他的身份是什麼?他的地位如何?
Who is Naaman? Which nation is he from? What is his position? What is his status?

2. 乃縵與以色列國之間是什麼關係?
What is the relationship between Naaman and Israel?

Scripture Probe

1. 乃縵生了什麼病?他從何處得到的建議,去以色列治病?
What kind of disease did Naaman suffer from? Where did he get the advice to go to Israel for treatment?

2. 這位小女子是誰?她和乃縵之間的關係是什麼?按常理來說,她可能對自己的主人生命持有什麼樣的態度?
Who is this little girl? What is the relationship between her and Naaman? By common sense, what kind of attitude might she have toward her master’s life?

3. 乃縵帶了什麼去見以色列王?
What did Naaman bring to meet the King of Israel?

4. 以色列王讀完信以後的反應如何?他為何會有這種反應?他這種反應說明他與以色列國中的先知之間熟悉度如何?

What was the reaction of the king of Israel after reading the letter? Why did he react in this way? What did his response say about his familiarity with the prophets in Israel?

5. 以利沙是如何出場進入到這一故事中?
How did Elisha come into this story?

6. 以利沙如何接待乃縵?他吩咐乃縵做什麼事?乃縵為何發怒?
How did Elisha receive Naaman? What did he tell Naaman to do? Why did Naaman get angry?

7. 乃縵的發怒表明他對信仰的態度如何?
What did Naaman’s anger show about his attitude toward his faith?

8. 誰勸服了乃縵?乃縵最終得到醫治的根本原因是什麼?
Who persuaded Naaman? What was the underlying reason that Naaman was finally healed?

Core Truth Probe

1. 乃縵得救的根本原因是什麼?這表明了上帝救恩的那些特質?
What were the fundamental reasons for Naaman’s healing? What characteristics of God’s salvation did this illustrate?

2. 乃縵在尋求醫治上一開始帶了許多的財務和亞蘭王的信件,思考一下,這體現出世人對於上帝的救恩通常會帶有一種什麼樣的誤解?這種誤解在今日這個時代中是否存在?以何種方式存在?
Naaman started his healing journey with a lot of monetary and letter of authority from the king of Aram. Think about what kind of misunderstandings the world usually has about God’s salvation. Do these misunder-standings exist in this day and age? In what way do they exist?


3. 通過乃縵的發怒,思考一下,哪些事情是一個人信靠福音的最大阻礙?
Through Naaman’s anger, consider what are the most significant obstacles to a person’s trust in the Gospel.

4. 你是否曾經想用什麼物品,或行為,或其他良善的事物來換取上帝的救恩?
Have you ever considered exchanging objects, acts, or other good deeds for God’s salvation?

5. 你成長環境中,是否有一些宗教迷信的行為和認知影響了你正確認識福音?
Did you grow up in an environment where religious, superstitious behaviors and perceptions influenced your correct understanding of the Gospel?

6. 檢索新約聖經,思考純正福音的本質是什麼?人要如何才能得著這福音?
Examine the New Testament and consider what is the nature of the pure Gospel? How can people receive

SUNDAY, MAY 28, 2023

經文:約書亞記2章Scripture: Joshua 2

Relevant Theme: The Power of the Gospel

Background Probe

1. 窺迦南地的工作重要嗎?為什麼重要?
Is it an important task to spy on the land of Canaan? Why is it important?

2. 以色列民上一次差派探子去窺探迦南地是在什麼時候?結果如何?(民數記13章)
When was the last time the people of Israel sent spies to spy out the land of Canaan? What was the result? (Numbers 13)

3. 那一次的窺探工作最終造成了什麼後果?為什麼會造成這樣的後果?
What consequences did the previous spying effort result in? Why did it have such consequences?

4. 這一次窺探工作的目的是什麼?
What was the purpose of the spying mission?

Scripture Probe

5. 耶利哥王和喇合一樣聽說了以色列民在曠野的故事,但他們的反應有什麼相同點,有什麼不同點?
The king of Jericho and Rahab both heard the story of the people of Israel in the wilderness, but how did they
react in the same way, and how did they react differently?

6. 耶利哥王如何面對城中來了兩個探子這件事?他的行動表現出他什麼樣的心態?
How did the king of Jericho respond to the arrival of two spies in the city? What did his actions show about his state of mind?

7. 延伸思考:什麼是真正的認識上帝?認識福音?
Extended reflection: what is true knowledge of God? To know the gospel?

8. 這章經文中有幾道門?這些門有什麼隱含的意思?
How many doors are there in this chapter? What is the implied meaning of these gates?

Core Truth Probe

1. “喇合的故事”與“耶穌基督福音的故事”之間有什麼聯繫?
What is the connection between the “story of Rahab” and the “story of the gospel of Jesus Christ”?

2. 《希伯來書》11章31節,與《雅各書》2章25節如何談論喇合的故事?這兩處經文要告訴我們什麼關於福音的道理?
What do Hebrews 11:31 and James 2:25 say about the story of Rahab? What do these two passages tell us about the gospel?

3. “救恩的邊界”這一主題,在聖經其他地方中是否有體現?
Is the “boundary of salvation” theme found elsewhere in the Bible?

4. 如今救恩的邊界由誰把守?
Who is guarding the boundary of salvation today?

5. “天國鑰匙”的本質是什麼?這一鑰匙表明了教會領受了什麼樣的權柄?並具有什麼樣的使命和責任?
What is the nature of the “keys of the kingdom of heaven”? What authority does this key indicate for the Church? What is the mission and responsibility of the Church?

6. 什麼是真正的認識?什麼是真正的歸信?
What is true knowledge? What is true conversion?

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