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Concentration Topics

What are Pioneers Concentration Workshops?

The Pioneers Concentration Workshops provides various practical ministry focused skills and insights for both individuals and churches.   


Personal Evangelism

The Personal Evangelism Workshop teaches the basics of sharing your personal testimony for evangelistic purposes.  The practical workshop will help guide each individual to draft their own personal testimony, how to share testimony, and tips on how to read the evangelistic friend’s attitude, when to pause, things to be aware of, etc. 


Managing Church Conflicts

Conflicts in a church are an unfortunate reality in churches, dating back to the first century church in Jerusalem (Acts 15).  Conflicts are always bad as they can sometimes lead to creativity when they are leveraged properly.  However, as tensions intensify in conflict, the desire for ministry participation tends to diminish in a church.  This workshop provides a guide on how to leverage the positive potential of conflict, as well as to handle conflicts in a God honoring manner.  


Discerning God's Calling

As Christians, we often strive to know what our spiritual calling is.  Do we need to be called in order to serve in certain ministries?  How do we know when we are called How do we separate a calling from God versus that from our own personal desire? Are we called simply because we're gifted?  This workshop will present an overview to the biblical understanding of our spiritual calling.  Personal counseling on discerning available by request. 


Worship Ministry

The Pioneers Worship Ministry workshop is led by our Pioneers worship ministry providing churches with practical principles in starting and managing a worship team for your church.



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