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Pastor Chunhai Anthony Li - head portrai

Chunhai Li 李春海

Pastor 牧師


1998-2005年在南京金陵协和神学院读书,获神学硕士学位。2005-2008年在黑龙江省圣经学校任教。2008年8月来美。2010年5月在奥克拉荷马城市大学获宗教学硕士学位。 毕业后,在奥克拉荷马城植堂并牧养西北国语教会8年时间。2012年7月被按立为牧师。


Pastor Chunhai (Anthony) Li was born Heilongjiang Province, China. Being born with a congenital heart problem caused him to seek the true meaning of life. In 1992, he was called by the Lord to be a minster and he dedicated himself to His ministry. From 1998 to 2005, he studied at Nanjing Union Theological Seminary and obtained a master's degree in theology. He also taught at the Heilongjiang Bible School from 2005-2008.


In August of 2008, Pastor Li came to the United States. In Mau of 2010, he graduated from Oklahoma City University with a Master of Arts degree in Religion. After graduation, he planted and pastored Northeast Mandarin Church in Oklahoma City for eight years. 


In July of 2012 he was ordained to be a pastor.

In June of 2018, Pastor Li was called to Little Rock to serve at Little Rock Immanuel Chinese Baptist Church as senior pastor. While pastoring the church, he is currently studying for a Ph.D. in preaching at SWBTS. Pastor Li and his wife Shasha have a daughter, Tiffany, and a son Isaiah.

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