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Peter Liu (刘彼得牧師)


彼得牧师出生于中国东北, 毕业于南京大学。 曾在东欧经商五年。 1999来美国后, 在读书期间认识信仰, 并于2002年在葛培理中心悔改信主,同时奉献服侍神。

先后就读于Reformed Theological Seminary, Arrow Leadership Institute 和 Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary。 2006年在RTS-Jackson神学院读书期间, 建立杰克逊华人基督教会并先后担任主任牧师及宣教植堂牧师到2021年,2020年5月他与同工一起建立彼岸网络和实体教会,任创会牧师至今。



Pastor Peter was born in Northeast China. After graduating from Nanjing University he spent five years in business in East Europe. After coming to the United States in 1999, he started exploring Christian faith while studying Computer Science. In 2002, he was converted during Stephen Tong’s preaching in a Christian Conference at  the Billy Graham Center. Soon after he dedicated his life to the Gospel ministry.


He studied at Reformed Theological Seminary, Arrow Leadership Institute and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.


In 2006, while studying at RTS-Jackson Theological Seminary, he founded the Chinese Christian Church of Greater Jackson and served as its senior pastor and mission pastor until 2021. In 2020 along with his coworkers he founded Beyond Ekklesia, an online and physical church and has been serving as founding pastor into the present day. 


Pastor Peter also serves as Head of the China Partnership Church Planting Centre and Vice President of the Chinese Baptist Fellowship of the United States and China.

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