Pel Stringer - Personal Bio

I made a profession of faith on my eleventh birthday at Bellevue Baptist Church and was baptized by Dr. R.G. Lee.


I had a major spiritual encounter in 1962 while serving on active duty in the Air Force Reserve during the Cuban Crisis. My true conversion as well as my wife’s conversion centered in reading and studying the book of Revelation. Because of this I have some very definite opinions about the invitation system today.


I enrolled in Dallas Bible College in 1967 and took certain classes at Dallas Theological Seminary. An opportunity opened through my DTS homiletics professor, Dr. John Reed, who was in the Air Reserve, to begin a ministry at the Dallas Naval Air Station. This was my ministry for about 10 years. Financial consideration forced a return to the family business in Tulsa in 1977.  I taught theology for 5 years at Bethel Baptist Church in Owasso, a city close to Tulsa.


I have many to thank as my teachers, but three stand out: S. Lewis Johnson, John MacArthur, and R.C. Sproul. I have put together a PowerPoint presentation of the 10 Doctrines of Systematic Theology. God has given me many opportunities to teach it for several years. I am grateful to Pastor Ted Lam for this present ministry opportunity.


I have been blessed to be married to a God send for 55 years. We have one daughter and 3 grandchildren. Our daughter will be getting her masters this Spring in Practical Theology at Truitt Seminary at Baylor University.


My wife and I retired in 2009 from a third generation Nursery and Garden Center business.


I enjoy writing papers on various subjects for my own edification. I have written several books one being a 551 page Systematic Theology Vol. 1, and many booklets and tracts.


My hobby is Senior Games: the field events and creative writing.


Because of His Grace,


Pel Stringer

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