Kai Yuen Choi

Pastor Kai Yuen Choi came from Hong Kong in 1971 to attend college at the University of Kansas. He obtained a Bachelor of Music Education and a Master of Science in Physical Therapy. He worked as a physical therapist for many years, during which he also devoted much of his energy in serving churches and the community through music. In 1992, Pastor Kai Yuen founded the Fort Bend Symphony Orchestra and served as their conductor for 5 years.


Pastor Kai Yuen graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2010 with a Master Degree in Biblical Studies. Four years ago, Greater Phoenix Chinese Christian Church invited him to be their Cantonese Pastor and he served there for 3 years. Recently, Pastor Kai Yuen and his wife moved back to Houston to be closer to their families.


His hobbies include playing the piano and tennis. He is happily married to Josephine for more than 40 years. They have 2 grown daughters, a grandson, Brennan and a granddaughter, Norah.

Pastor Choi is currently the Cantonese associate pastor for Chinese Baptist Church in Houston, TX

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